Go Girls! RI Women's States

High school sailing... I remember those days, long days at school followed by long hours on the water.  Sometimes you would get lucky and it would be sunny and seasonably warm.  Most days it was cloudy, or raining, or even frigid and snowing.  Either way, I had a blast and definitely carry fond memories of my team (Go NK!).  Road trips, snow storms, squalls, bruised shins, cracked hands, state championships (two years in a row back way back in my day), but most of all I remember all of the friends, the fun, and of course the sailing!

I was down at the yacht club the other day, and Wickford was hosting for the RI Women's State Championship.  Eight teams were present, private and public high schools alike.  I was only able to stay for the first two races, and had to head in just as the B-teams were making their way out.  It brought back some great memories, and I know I was rooting for North Kingstown who had won this same regatta last year.  Sadly though, my alma mater did not win for 2012.  The title went to St. George's from Newport, who nosed out by one point, leaving NK in second place.  Despite the occasional rain, it was definitely a fun day!

Photos from the day are in the works and will soon be posted to catebrownphoto.photoshelter.com.  Don't worry girls, I will contact the coaches once the viewing gallery is up and running so the direct link can be given out!  Images from the NK team photo shoot will also be included.

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