Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

I recently made a pit stop on the way home from Newport to photograph a local spot lit up every year by christmas lights and always visible from the Newport Bridge during holiday season!  This private dock is decorated by a Newport homeowner happy to light up the night.  I met the owner who mentioned he also installed port and starboard lights this year for those nautically inclined!  This was actually the first frame I took all evening and it was the best of the bunch.  I managed to set up JUST before the sky turned completely black.  I'm also quite a fan of the bridge/dock symmetry.  And a couple of stars in the sky to top it off!

A very Happy Holidays to everyone!  Hopefully everyone here in the northeast managed to stay warm over the weekend, and everyone in warmer climates can enjoy the sun for us!  No white Christmas this year but a great holiday nonetheless.  And it isn't over yet!

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