Hinckley // Talaria 48 Flybridge

This past December I photographed my third boat for Hinckley.  It was the coldest shoot we had done on the water thus far, but the Bay was a playground laying in wait just for us!  We jetted under the bridge at sunrise, motored through an empty Newport Harbor, and made our way to Prudence Island for sunset.  I'm finally done editing all of these shots, and happy to share them all with you!

Introducing, the Hinckley Talaria 48 Flybridge in hunter green with custom fighting chair.  Hinckley is known for their gorgeous craftsmanship, attention to detail, and accommodating custom client requests.  This gorgeous 48 footer was built to client specifications not only as a luxury yacht, but also for fishing.  It was a Hinckley first to outfit a fighting chair into a Talaria, and while I'm not much of a fisher myself, it was still beautiful to shoot against the blue backdrop of Narragansett Bay.

For any photographers out there who may be inclined to ask, I primarily shot from a chase boat with my Nikon D750 and 70–200mm VRII lens.  We approached it the same as the recent Talaria 55 shoot, doing shots at speed first before slowing.  As the boat came to rest and we were able to approach a little closer, I switched to my 50mm prime and my 16-35mm wide angle zoom for some variety.  Interior shots could only be effectively achieved with the even wider 14-24mm lens.  Just 2mm really does make a difference!

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  • Bert Elbel

    Hello Mr. Brown,

    my name is Bert Elbel, I live in Solingen/Germany, and as a yachtmodel builder this time I´m looking for drawings and photos of the motoryacht HINCKLEY Talaria 48 Fly. While searching the internet I came across your homepage with your beautiful photos of the Talaria “SIMPY BEAUTY”.

    I have already sent a mail to the Hinckley Shipyard, and also a mail to the European broker/dealer Vortecmarine in South England, but unfortunately I did not receive a reply from anyone. Unfortunately Hinckley Yachts are very rare in Europe, which is why I was very happy about the home marina “Amsterdam” on the boat you photographed. A trip to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, for me only 2 hours, in order to be able to take some detail photos with the consent of the owner, would be the greatest for a model builder to be able to build up a detailed model.
    For your information: The HINCKLEY Talaria 48 Fly will be build as radio controlled model in scale 1:10, and is equipped with modern technology like brushless motors, lipo accus and much lights etc. Everething of course can be controlled from the transmitter!

    My question to you is, do you know if is the photographed yacht really in Amsterdam, maybe even today, or do you know the owner, to get a contact perhaps? It would be very delighted to receive a short anser from yours.

    With my best regards from Germany, and please stay healthy,
    Bert Elbel, first Chairmen of the I.G. Yacht-Modellbau (I.G. for Interests Community)


    …and if you are intersted what 30 members do with this beautiful hobby, have a look here…..

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