Hurricane Florence

July had Hurricane Chris.  August was unbelievably quiet.  Then September came in with Hurricane Florence, and suddenly surfers remembered what it was like to catch waves again!  

This category 4 slammed into the Carolinas, causing massive amounts of damage particularly in flooding in the days and weeks after landfall.  But up here in the northeast, we had some wind and rain that parted briefly to sun, with nothing but surging swell for everyone to enjoy.

What started as an intiial bump built into some head high waves throughout the week, with 3ft days lingering longer than expected.  I went out for a swim on back to back days to photograph the action. The lineups were crowded and tensions ran high as everyone felt the strain of a month without decent swell.  But one sunset session in particular, as the clouds parted just in time for golden hour, you could feel a collective breath of awe from the lineup as we all remembered why we love what we do so much!

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