JV Regatta in Newport

The high school sailing season is actually coming to a close!  But a couple weeks back I had the opportunity to join the Middletown and Rogers High School Sailing teams at Newport Yacht Club as they hosted a unique event for JV sailors across the state.  This 7 school event allowed the junior varsities to team race other schools in a formal setting, an opportunity that may not otherwise occur for them during the spring season.  While regattas often feature varsity sailors and practices are limited, sailing time is precious and thankfully the Middletown and Rogers coach, Kate Wilson, provided a setting for these kids to get on the water and gain valuable experience.

The teams included:  Middletown / Rogers, North Kingstown, Prout, Portsmouth Abbey, St. George's Dartmouth, and Moses Brown.  Races were run incessantly and late into the afternoon to give teams as much opportunity to race as possible!  It was cloudy and cool with a fog bank moving up the bay providing little breeze.  With so many teams and so many sailors it may have seemed semi-chaotic at times but it was absolutely a great success!  We were even granted a little sun around 5:30pm.

See all the shots at the JV Newport 2015 Gallery

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