Long Exposure in Wickford

February has been such a dreary month, between three snowstorms in a row (all hitting on weekends) and incessant overcast and gray skies, I think it's fair to say there are plenty of people who are getting cabin fever.  As we waited for warmer spring weather to roll in, I was caught up in multiple projects.  Of course none of them involved shooting and before I knew it, it had been about 2 weeks since I was behind the camera.

But the other day I finally found a moment when my time and motivation were aligned.  I grabbed my camera kit and headed out the door for some dusk long exposures in Wickford.  Nothing too special, but just something to get me out there shooting!

Relief!  I finally felt productive for once, and some of those winter blues seemed to melt away once I had that camera in hand!  I came back with just a few shots from the docks, plus one of the Hussy Bridge, and of course when I was editing all the colors popped so much more than I had expected.  Long exposure seems to enhance any colors out there, and that certainly happened for me.  So here are a few takes from the day, all available as Fine Art Prints.  I also have my personal favorite from the day, a vertical version of the first image, available as a Limited Edition Print.  You can see more over at www.catebrownphoto.com

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