Long Exposures at Hazard Rock

There was another impending snow storm and the forecast was for overcast skies and gray days.  But I took my chances one evening with a break in the clouds before the storm's arrival, and headed down to Point Judith Lighthouse.  I wanted something different than my lost shot at PJ light but the closer I got to the lighthouse, the more the shore had been burmmed up by the winter tides, leaving step levels of rock that would obscure the lighthouse if I placed my camera down by the waterline.  I had just over half an hour before sunset and made a quick decision to try another location I hadn't visited in some time:  Hazard Rock of Narragansett.

I discovered these large bluffs of orange rock back in high school but had only photographed here a couple of times.  I found a tide pool and set up my camera with time running short and the tide moving in.  I played with a couple different compositions but was working with beautiful 4 minute long exposures.  You would never know there were small waves that day looking at these shots!  The color was naturally enhanced from the long exposure, per usual.


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