So I love shooting moonrises now, I've been bit by the twilight bug.  I love those soft dusk colors and gentle light, with a bright near full moon coming up over the horizon.  You may remember my shots from Qeba over the winter, and although this first one was taken in much warmer weather with a very different color palette, I really enjoyed shooting.  It's about capturing the very critical few minutes when the light of the moon and the sky balances each other out perfectly.

With this first shot I experimented with my 50mm prime lens and a shallow depth of field to bring focus just to the boat and the moon.  I didn't have my 70-200mm telephoto (zoom) lens with me so I had to get creative!

I went to shoot the moonrise the next day too, but before moonrise there was sunset on the other side of Sauga Point.  So I played in the shallow incoming waters as the sun sank and the sky darkened.  More at!

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