More High School Sailing, NK vs. Rogers

Well the second day out on the water was much better than the first.  When it was cold and blowing 20 a couple weeks ago, the day I went out with the North Kingstown High School Sailing Team for their regatta against Rogers Academy was one of those first true days of spring.  The sun was shining, the smell of fresh rain and budding trees was in the air, and you almost didn't think you needed a jacket (although any good sailor will tell you to bring it anyway).  

Where the regatta against Prout was a lighthearted afternoon of racing resulting in a 3-0 record for NK, this regatta turned into quite the nail biter!  Rogers won the first race with a 1-2-6, bringing attitude and determination to the race course.  NK regrouped and responded with a phenomenal 1-2-3 to let Rogers know they weren't messing around!  The third race was a close one, with NK squeezing out a 1-2 win, but the fourth race went to Rogers with their own 1-2.  

So now it came down to the last race, the decider in this best out of 5.  Everything was tied at 2-2 and the breeze was starting to pick up slightly.  It was close from the start, with mark traps, coverage, with the top four boats battling it out the entire race course.  Rogers had the 1-2 at the last mark rounding but decided to cover NK upwind instead of sprinting to the finish line.  With a brilliant move by an NK boat to help cover Rogers and force them into last place, the finish came within inches.  NK won by the skin of their teeth with a 2-3-5!  

It was a great day on the water to watch some truly great young talent (and grab some great shots in the process).  All images of the race are available in the Viewing Gallery for purchase by any interested sailors, family and friends!

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