NBYA Race Week - Day One - Optis

Race Week, an event to culminate summer racing for juniors sailors from all across Narragansett Bay.  This end of season event may be an somewhat unwelcome reminder of the summer's ending and school looming on the horizon, but it is attended enthusiastically and in full force by young sailors from yacht clubs and sailing associations all across the bay.

This year was hosted out of Fort Getty in Jamestown, a wonderful little location at Dutch Harbor with easy access to open waters in sight of the open ocean.  Day One of racing saw a slight postponement but before long the seabreeze was up, the current was strong, and the sailors were off to the races!  I stayed for the whole day at the Opti circle, watching the Red, White, and Blue fleets compete in the wind and chop.  A slightly unsettled breeze and a strong current meant for another hour of delay for these young competitors as the Race Committee struggled to perfect the race course and keep their anchors, but once the races got underway they continued without a hitch.

The sun was bright but the breeze was a little cooler than was expected for a summer's day in August.  Chop and seabreeze meant some spray for those of us watching from crash boats, but all in all the racing was a success!  Day One was soon in the books.

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