New Year, New Work! Narragansett Abstracts

This month has been particularly chilly, but one afternoon between polar vortices when it was only freezing with some heavy wind compared to significantly below freezing, I was able to bundle up enough and make it to the beach.  I hadn't been shooting for myself in almost two months, between client work and end of year projects starting in November, holiday sales and a family vacation in December, it was my first day out shooting in 2015 and I was glad I made time for it!

I first went down to East Matunuck Beach where I have been meaning to go exploring for photographic opportunities, but the howling 30+ knot wind made it nearly impossible for tripod work and the sand was blowing sideways.  So, heading back north, I opted for the slightly more protected and significantly less windy location of Narragansett Beach.

There were waves that day, but the low tide made for mirror-like sand close to the water's edge as the glistening wet beach reflected the colors of the sky.  I set up my tripod and practiced some abstract water panning as the sun sank lower and the sky lit up with pinks and purples.  I'll go back to do some wave panning another day.

As brief as this visit to the beach was, concluding after a grand total of 20 minutes, I was still very happy with myself for braving the elements and making time for creative work.  These are my biggest challenges as I'm not one for cold, and as any creative or small business owner will know, there's not always time to creatively explore your craft while we're all so caught up in owning and operating a business.

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