Photographer's FAQ: Where's the value in a professional?

Where's the value in a professional?

With the advent of the affordable pro-sumer and crossover professional-amateur cameras, plus the addition of decent quality cameras to most smartphones, a lot of people have a hard time finding the value in a professional photographer.  But here's a little secret... just because you have a camera doesn't make you a photographer.  And even if you do consider yourself a photographer, that still doesn't make you a professional!

A professional photographer derives the majority of their income from their photographic services and products.  Whether that means being a wedding photographer or a fine art photographer, a professional will make their living off their imagery.  That means they must support themselves, their business, all those expenses including equipment, utilities, gas, food, mortgage... just from their services.  And because of that they tend to have certain qualities that go beyond being able to hold a camera and snap the shutter.  

Professionals can deliver service and quality that other's can't.  They tend to have experience and education behind their equipment, an in-depth understanding of light and composition, and a devotion to the craft and the customer.  You hire a professional for creativity, knowledge, and quality.  You hire them for a customized experience and product.  You invest in the memories or mementoes that the resulting photographs will provide you.  You invest in the product that will provide your own business and product with a face, a visual, and an invaluable marketing tool.  

Yes, professionals cost money, but it's not the dollar in the end that matters.  It's the relationship and the quality of service that a professional can provide when just-anyone-with-a-camera can't.  Just because someone can cook doesn't make them an excellent caterer.  Just because someone can mow the lawn doesn't make them an efficient landscaper.  And just because someone has a camera doesn't make them a professional photographer!

It's an investment in value.  And the end product is beautiful!  We put a lot of heart into our craft, and we want to provide you with a quality experience and superb imagery in return!

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