Photography Prints Envisioned

I have been looking for new and creative ways to display my work.  My budget and storage space does not allow for printing everything at will and without a storefront to display work or a gallery partnership to hang pieces it's difficult to properly display a final product.  Viewing a digital portfolio provides a convenient platform for browsing, but it does not help convey what a final framed print or canvas might actually look like.  

Once pieces are hung and become part of a space their presence can completely alter the mood and atmosphere of a room.  Size can have a significant influence as well, transforming a piece from "that small photo I liked and put on my wall" to something that completely envelopes a viewer, drawing interest and intrigue from anyone in it's presence.

I had seen digitally superimposed displays put together by other photographers before and decided to adopt this technique for myself to help display artwork in a living space.  Below are a few of my favorites, showing both framed and canvas statement pieces as part of various home decor.

To see all samples, view the Print & Canvas Samples Album on the Cate Brown Photo Facebook Page.  Which one is your favorite?

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