Pro-Am on the last day of Sailing

The seasons are changing and everyone is looking ahead to autumn.  But before the summer was over and school was back in session, the Wickford Sailing Association had one last day of classes which I was lucky enough to be on the water for!  

It was a picturesque summer day, beautiful sun and temperatures, a steady seabreeze, and the Racing class was hosting a Pro-Am Regatta in conjunction with students from the Intro to 420 class.  It was a fun lighthearted day of friendly junior sailing competition as everyone got their last laughs in out on the water before awards and the official end to summer sailing!  The Racers had the opportunity to sail with friends from other classes, and the Intro students had a chance to try out a more competitive setting as they started to think about next summer.

See all the shots at the WSA Viewing Gallery

Back to school kids! See you next summer :)

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