Sachuest Point at Sunset

Well here it is, my second attempt at a seascape at Sachuest Point.  And this time I went for a sunset instead of sunrise, so I was able to navigate the terrain in bright sunlight in order to find my preferred photo spot!  Of course it was high tide, which posed a problem, and it was an incoming tide with high surf from a low pressure system swirling somewhere offshore.  

I walked all the way to the point in order to see the setting sun.  I know shooting into the sun isn't alway ideal but given the light cloud cover that day, I liked my chances.  It's hard to predict when the sunsets will be lackluster versus brilliant and vibrant.  Or perhaps this kind of prediction is an acquired skill... either way, I'm practicing my sunset prediction skills!  Like I said, the incoming high tide posed a problem, and I wasn't able to set up as close as I wanted to a big rock with swirling water and crashing waves.  I had to set myself much further back from water's edge, but at least I wouldn't get swept away by rogue waves.  

I only had a Variable Neutral Density filter to work with at the time, the Graduated one was still in the mail.  So it took me a little longer for each shot since I had to bracket every exposure, capturing one frame to properly expose the rocks and foreground, and a second frame to properly expose the tones in the brighter sky.  But I was still rather satisfied with the setting sun, which peaked out below some clouds just before sinking below the horizon.  I had an appointment, I was hungry and cold, and packed up my gear after I got what I wanted.  I was hiking back up the trail, and about 10-15 minutes after sunset the clouds and sky lit up with brilliant shades of magenta and pink as the clouds were underlit by the sun.  I'm still so incredibly disappointed with myself for not being more patient and waiting those 20 extra minutes to see if that vibrant sunset would happen.  

Lesson learned:  wear even more layers and bring a snack.  Those extraordinary sunsets are incredibly elusive.

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