Seascapes and Sunrise Tides

Mid November we had a string of nice warm days (and by warm I mean around 50-60° midday).  Of course, it was still below 40 most mornings, but we were predicted to have partial cloud cover and above freezing temperatures so I went to Narragansett Beach for some sunrise shots!  I was walking along hoping to find something partially submerged by the water to anchor the foreground of my composition  but the beach was as bare as could be!  The stretch of beach I was wandering had one sole rock that I found substantial enough for my purposes.  I took my time as the sun rose, clicking away and trying to capture the water as it receded back from the beach.  The cloud cover was perfect, giving enough cover to keep the sky interesting while allowing the blues to show through.  And the light just kept getting better and better, backlighting the water with greens and yellows!  The lower clouds also provided some relief from direct sunlight and allowed me to keep shooting about 20-30 minutes past sunrise when it typically is too bright for 1+ second exposures.  I'm so happy with the results that my favorite image from the morning is a Limited Edition titled "Sunrise Tide #1".  You can see the remaining two images under Coastal Life on my website.

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