Second Beach Abstracts

I started playing around with "water panning" last year, a technique which involves a semi-slow shutter speed and camera movement following moving water.  While this kind of creative exploration was put on the back burner during the sailing season, I had to opportunity to try it once again this month!  

It was one of the very comfortable and sunny autumn days early this October, and I found myself at Second Beach in Newport, RI.  I used my super dark B+W #110 filter to capture the movement while the sun was still up, and I was very happy with the results!  The other panning abstracts I had tried involved more of a pastel dusk or pink cloud type of color palette, but this time I was able to capture more deep yellows and golds with the sunlight.

I will be printing some of my abstracts for the upcoming Wandering Shores Exhibition at Bill Krul Gallery this November.  Hope to see you there for the opening reception, Saturday, Nov 1st, 5-8pm!

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