Second Port of Call: Stonington

Well we weren't able to avoid the fog.  We motored all morning from Galilee to Stonington.  We had high hopes of the fog lifting, but of course it didn't until we were secured to a mooring.  It was a quiet day in Stonington harbor, mostly spent swimming off the boat and cruising around in the dinghy for a little harbor tour!  In the evening, we made it onto land for a terrific shower and some ice cream.  We walked through town and found that Stonington was possibly a quieter town than Wickford!

We stayed two days and nights in Stonington (two very quiet and long days and nights if you ask me).  Day two we went to land for dinner at a terrific little mexican restaurant downtown called Milagro's.  And we battened down the hatches for a wicked summer storm that rolled through southern New England, causing flash flooding in New Haven.  We braced for the worst, watched the lightning, and were luckily spared the full force of the storm and actually didn't get rained on much at all!

We left bright and early after our second night on the mooring, for the highlight location on the itinerary:  Mystic!  

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