Snow Last Year

Sorry about the two weeks between blogging, I had a little bit of trouble posting last week.  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Anyway, we seem to be in an odd season right now, some sort of transition between summer and winter that's supposed to be Autumn seems to have transitioned right into a Spring.  The temperatures are mild, there's sun and some rain, but the typical indicators of Autumn are completely MIA.  Not that I'm complaining about the incredible weather and the ability to go outside without a jacket, but it is a little odd given we are just a few days away from December.  Perhaps Mother Nature is just making up for that blizzard on Halloween?

I got some time in shooting large format, but of course it'll be a little while before you all see what comes from those slides.  In the meantime, I went through my archive to see what I was shooting around this time last year, and I came up with some cross processed film from last December.  Snow in Wickford.  I've always felt that if there's going to be temperatures around or below freezing, there might as well be some snow on the ground.  Not that I'm rushing into winter or anything, haha.  I definitely am enjoying my time with this mild November!

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