Summer Sunsets at Second Beach

As I mentioned recently, I've been trying to find time for creative work instead of the sailing events that consume my summer calendar.  So, with a clear sky and dusk moonrise in the forecast, I packed up my seascape photography kit and made my way to Second Beach in Newport.  Too often I find myself running to nearby beaches like the North Kingstown Town Beach or Narragansett Beach for last minute seascapes during busy summer months.

But this time in early August I made the time and went over to Newport for dusk at the beach.  I explored every path to the beach and picked a few favorites.  As people were packing up from a day in the sun, I was walking around waiting for sunset.  Before too long I broke out the tripod and neutral density filters for some long exposures.  The sky was free of clouds but it made for serene summer pastels.  I took a couple panoramas as well as a few frames just looking down the path towards the water.  The second photo below is probably my favorite from the night, titled "Moons and Dunes".

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