Surf // Hurricane Chris

The northeast is not known for having good summertime surf.  Typically summer swells will only reach 2–3ft, but mid July saw the arrival of gorgeous chest high sets thanks to Hurricane Chris.  The tropical storm turned hurricane as it churned offshore, while Beryl weakened and then reappeared off Bermuda.  Here in Rhode Island we were met with sun and clear skies, accompanied by buoy reports of about 4.8ft at 10 seconds.

I was out in the water twice in one day.  The lineup was the most crowded I had seen it in recent memory, with probably around 50 surfers awaiting their turn at the peak.  I was in the water for over an hour before I had to take a break and rest my ankles from all the swimming around with my housing.  As the skies turned golden I hopped back in the water for another hour and a half swim, capturing the lights dancing across the water surface, the golden hour moments in the lineup, and a few moments of action before the sun sank below the horizon.  

It was a gorgeous session, and I was so glad to be out there to capture it!  See more under Recent Work and the Surf Gallery

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