Surface Experiment

With all of this summer sailing going on, it gets hard to find time for my more artistic work.  I find myself longing for quiet afternoons on the beach to experiment with seascapes, color and movement, no time constraints or distractions, just pure creative exploration.  Finding time for this sort of thing is something everyone should do in order to stimulate imagination and creativity, to bring our art to the next level or just to satisfy the soul.  

So, one cloudy day in July, I took my new waterproof Nikon AW1 to Narragansett Beach for some water play!  I was mostly interested in capturing surface shots, those abstract half underwater / half above water types of images that evoke a sense of ocean wonder.  I was rather pleased with my first tries, already anticipating more shoots and perhaps someday having a waterproof housing for my DSLR.

Enjoy something from my abstract artistic side!

More coastal photos here, and specifically more abstracts here

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