Surface Experiment #2

I have been wanting to get more shots from in the water for some time.  I quickly resold my "waterproof" Nikon 1 AW1 after serious build quality grievances (a discussion for another day) and had to reevaluate my affordable options for in-water-photography.  

I had a Lifeproof case for my iPhone 4, but after the daily wear and tear it quickly wore down and didn't seem safe to take in the water after 10 months of use.  With waterproof housings for my DSLRs still outside of my budget, I recently saw images from a local photographer who uses a Watershot Housing for his iPhone (along with a nice DSLR water housing).  I priced it out and it seemed the most affordable and durable option, especially considering my upgrade to an iPhone 5s with much better image quality compared to my older iPhone 4.

I sprung for the Watershot Pro with two lenses and jumped in the water within a week!  I loved every second of it!  And while I was a little clumsy getting used to the housing and the phone app I still came away with a few fun shots.  I also experimented with my colors in post-production, adding a warm tone to the highlights and brighter midtones.

I hope to get in the water a few more times before the truly cold weather sets in.  Once the water temperature reaches 60° or less I doubt I'll be a very happy camper!  Whether it's on or in the water, the cold weather months require a whole different mindset, not to mention additional gear.

Stay tuned for more surface experiments!  View all these shots from sunrise at Narragansett Beach early this fall here in the new Surface & Underwater Gallery section

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