Wednesday Night Sailing Draws to a Close

We've been pretty lucky all summer with regards to weather.  Overall it's been dry and comfortably warm.  I'm having a hard time recalling any nights it was too hot to get to sleep, or too many days it was blisteringly hot.  We've had strings of thunderstorms, true, but still I would say it's been really dry (as I think back to the wettest summer on record a few years back).

Wednesday Night Racing has continued on, as all other summer events came to an end.  But now, it is also Wed Night Racing's turn to call it a day, or rather, a season.  Here's a collection of photos from the last few nights of sailing I attended!  A steady sea breeze one night, and light air resulting in race abandonment another.  Still great fun, great friends and family, and of course dinners by the water!  Enjoy!

My schedule will be getting considerably lighter compared to June-August, but I will most certainly be shooting on or by the water as the days cool down and winter comes around!  As always, be sure to visit my website to see all photos from WYC Wed Night Racing 2012, and follow all of my photo news through Facebook, Twitter, and now my monthly newsletter

See all you boats next summer!

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