Wickford Catboats

There seems to be no shortage of beautiful sunny summer evenings this year!  The storms are few and far between, and we're left with light breezes, sun, and nothing too hot thus far.  I guess these are those taxpayer nights, when living in this state is more than justified but an absolute dream!

I was out with the catboat fleet for the second season in a row, and hopped aboard a fellow WYC member boat this time for a different perspective.  The fleet seemed a little smaller this year but full of fun old salts as always.  The breeze was shifty and dying, so we only went around the one time.   In the Marshall 22 class with only 3 boats it can be quite competitive 

I can't get enough of golden sun on these wooden boats!  I can't wait to get out with the fleet again the weeks ahead.

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