Windsurfing Salty Brine

Winter storms and winter swell means cold days at the beach for me and cold days in the water for water sports enthusiasts like Andrew, here.  New Englanders are interestingly adapted to sports of every season, from the warm summer days of sun and small swell, to the winter days of 50 something degree water, 7mm wetsuits, and heavy storm breezes.  This day in particular was one of the windiest I had seen in ages, blowing about 30+ knots steadily.  

I went down to Salty Brine Beach where some windsurfing was happening, and kitesurfers were attempting to go out (but actually didn't make it because it was too windy!).  Sitting on a dry sandy beach in those winds made me feel like I was in a sahara / tundra, and sand began to bury me up as soon as I sat down.  I didn't stay for more than an hour or so as the wind was unbearably cold and the sideways sands were downright annoying.  Chewing on bits of sand is probably one of my least favorite sensations ever.  But, it was a good day to do some winter sports shooting for the first time of the season! More at

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