Beavertail Sunrise

Beavertail commands attention.  Visited by locals and tourists alike, this rocky point of land provides stunning views to the east, west, and south with sprawling expanses of ocean and views of Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay.  The lighthouse provides a beautiful backdrop to the rocky cliffs and it's hard to visit this spot solitarily due to it's endless popularity.

I have been visiting this spot for years, first to watch the storms come in or climb on the rocks, but now I visit with my camera.

I don't always have the self-motivation to wake up for sunrise shoots, but early this spring while things were still cold I mustered up the strength to visit Beavertail and watch the rising sun.  It was low tide so I was able to climb far down on the rocks for my long exposures.  And while we often turn our attention first towards Beavertail Lighthouse, it was the view across the water towards the open ocean I appreciated the most.  Even in some of the most familiar spots, we can still be surprised!

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