Beach Yoga with Alyssa

It's wonderful to bring together things that you love, and for me that meant a morning photoshoot of yoga on the beach.  Alyssa is a yoga instructor in Rhode Island, and we collaborated on a morning shoot featuring an all white outfit with the sea for our backdrop.  We played with reflections in the water, shapes with the poses, and I was absolutely captivated by the brilliant and strong morning light.  We were at the beach for over an hour, wrapping by 8:30am, both of us getting thoroughly covered in sand, but it was absolutely worth it!

This entire session was shot with my Nikon D850 and 50mm lens.  I love shooting prime for lifestyle, getting as much feels as possible with shallow depth of field and weird cropped compositions.  While I shot with a combination of prime lenses on my last yoga shoot, I solely used my 50mm this time around.

And with Alyssa's summer tan and the white outfit, I couldn't help but do a black and white edit for this series!  I hope you're as in love with these shots as I am

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