Early Morning Chill

It's been a chilly December thus far, and luckily we've actually had some snow!  I have a hard time appreciating frigid conditions unless there is some fluffy white snow to beautify the scenery.  While it's only been a couple of dustings so far, I'm still glad to have a proper winter compared to a couple years ago when there was no snow to speak of.  I made my way to a couple of Wickford locations for a morning shoot in mid-December.  First to the Town Beach where the waters were calm and reflective.  Then to Loop Drive, a small neighborhood on Wickford Cove which I used to walk through everyday for Elementary and Middle school.  

The sunrise wasn't anything overly spectacular.  I captured one shot at the Town Beach before making my way over to Loop Drive for the early morning soft pastel sky.  I was spending time with my new B+W #110 filter, creating very long exposures and playing with my new piece of equipment.  If long exposures enhance the colors of a scene, the #110 enhances color that much more!  There is a version of this first image at www.catebrownphoto.com, but something about the morning chill compelled me to create a black and white version in homage to photographer Hengki Koentjoro, whose work I greatly admire and often look to for black and white inspiration.  

While at Loop Drive I switched from a scenic image to a more intimate portrait of some frosty vegetation as it sat in the cold winter air covered in frost and snow.  I'll have more images featuring the new B+W #110 Neutral Density Filter coming soon!  It's been a great addition to my long exposure seascape gear bag.

Hopefully everyone is bundled up and ready for Christmas!  These chilly mornings will persist but we'll all be layered up in warm sweaters and slippers, sipping hot chocolate in the company of a warm fire, friends and family.  Stay warm and have a very Happy Holiday!

More at www.catebrownphoto.com and Fine Art Prints available

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