Film: It's been a while

I haven't been shooting as much the past couple months as I would like to.  I'm trying, but it's been rather busy and just getting out there with a camera is all I want to do and seems to be the hardest thing at the moment.  And going out with my large format camera is what I've been wanting to do the most.  I was looking over my past posts and I realized that I REALLY need to get out there with my 4x5, but I also need to share the little bit of large format work I've managed to do this past season.  So here's two shoots that I've done:  First is just a walk in the woods and what nature was so nice to give me for subjects.  Very happy with the bird's nest I happened across!  Second is a walk along the beach during those couple of weeks we had some serious fog rolling through the Rhode Island area in September/October.  Hoping to get back to the beach for some more 4x5 soon.

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