Leaves Before the Change

A little over a month ago now I made the trip up into New Hampshire Franconia Notch State Park.  I experienced the incredible wonder of the flume and some of the surrounding areas throughout the day, and I cannot wait to go back!  I brought my film camera with me and cross processed the E6 Slide film.  As a whole, I wasn't entirely satisfied with the film turnout, but that's the risk you take with cross processing.  There are a few images, however, that I was very pleased with and would like to share.

For anyone who wishes to venture into New Hampshire, I hear peak foliage is happening right now!  So I would pack up the hiking boots and bring a camera before the leaves completely turn and fall for the winter.  (I'm trying to get up there again soon too, like really soon.  Might misspeak foliage but it would definitely still be worth a trip.)

I also attended a seminar recently, hosted at EP Levine of Waltham.  The speaker, Colleen Wainwright, gave a talk about "Making People Love You Madly;  Selling Yourself in a Post Modern Marketplace."  She had such enthusiasm and energy!  It was a very fun and thought provoking talk essentially about interacting with others and turning everything into a marketing opportunity.  Colleen will be speaking for the next through weeks throughout the country.  You can find additional information and tour dates online.  Although I could not stay for the entire talk this time around, I was very pleased with what I was able to see, hear, and learn from her!  A huge thanks goes out to the ASMP New England Chapter (American Society of Media Photographers) for putting these events on!  For anyone interested in joining ASMP, I highly recommend it!  There are chapters throughout the US, I'm sure there's one near you too.

Anyway, here's some images from Franconia Notch:

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