Morning Fitness with Evelyn

We finally had a break in the cloudy springtime weather!  Evelyn and I had been trying to get together for a sunny fitness shoot for almost a month since April.  We had some beautiful weather but then clouds and rain moved in for the better part of two weeks – until a few days ago.  It was the perfect time to get together for an early sunrise session at Second Beach in Newport!

This shoot was for fun.  I've known Evelyn since college, and she's now a fitness and trainer, so when I thought of doing a fitness shoot she was the first person I called.  The concept was an warm and sunny bodyweight workout on the beach, full of lunges, pushups, burpees, plyometric moves, core work, and some stretches to cool down.  It was cool and rather windy but within the first twenty minutes Evelyn was working hard enough to shed the layers and work it to the max!  It was so much fun, we're already thinking ahead to another shoot!  What concept should we do for the next one?

Photographically speaking, I was exploring photographing fitness in motion, compared to the more static yoga shoots I had been doing the past few months.  It was another beast altogether, and I found myself adjusting settings on the fly as Evelyn changed from slower to faster moves, at ground level to standing.  While I loved shooting with the heavy sun flare, some of the last photos at the end with the strong side light and quiet stretching poses were some of my favorite.  Perhaps in the summer the sun will rise more over the water instead of the land, and I can get a combination of both the flare and the ocean in the same shot.

Wearing:  Puma, Buff Bunny Collection, Polar Fitness Watch

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