Old Mystic Seaport

The highlight of the cruise was definitely Mystic.  We stopped here after Stonington, making the oh so excruciatingly long hour and a half or so trip from Stonington to the Mystic River.  Ok, it was probably the shortest leg of the trip, but the tricky part was making it UP the river to the Old Mystic Seaport, which was hosting us overnight at the Maritime Museum docks.  I guess they only let a certain number of boats through the drawbridges at certain times every hour, so everyone was scrambling to get up the river at the same time.  We made it to the docks with several other early bird WYC boats.

Staying in Mystic was definitely one of my favorite stops!  There was some wind when we first got there so Lyle went windsurfing while I walked around the seaport to check out some attractions.  The photos included below are mostly from that first walk around the seaport.  I decided to walk around with my 50mm Nikkor prime, and I absolutely loved it!  I had bought this lens at the end of last year but never really gave it much thought since I use my 70-200mm so often for sailing and surf photography.  The 50mm was so much lighter than any zoom you might carry around, and the fast 1.8 capabilities coupled the G grade Nikon glass made for some great shallow detail shots.  

When the Maritime Museum closed for the evening, we were still tied up at dock so we really had the run of the place all night!  I took a night time walk after dinner, enjoying the quiet.  It was also nice having full shower facilities only a couple hundred yards from where we were tied up, meaning it was great day to relax, clean up, and enjoy being so close to land vs. on a mooring.

We stayed two days in Mystic, and then it was on to Block Island for the final stop for the WYC 2012 Cruise.  Stay tuned for more photos and reading about the Cruise!

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