Second Day in Mystic

Day two in Mystic was just as enjoyable as day one!  My boyfriend and I spent a good part of the day walking around the seaport and checking out what the museum had to offer, including the figureheads gallery, the Charles Morgan Restoration project, the junior sailing program, the old fishing vessels, not to mention the awesome Rosenfeld Collection.  One of the premier nautical photographers, Rosenfeld photographed boats and nautical activity back at the turn of the 20th century.  The images are fantastic darkroom prints.  That's right, he shot it on film, and large format too!  It was absolutely awe-inspiring work.

After going for a windsurf and swim (my third windsurfing lesson!), I took my camera around the seaport at dusk to get some great images in the golden evening light.  And I went back out again after dinner for some nighttime photography.  It was great to capture the stars and constellations next to such historic vessels!  

I think some of my favorite photos came from Mystic, and I'd be happy to visit there again someday!

Day two in Mystic was drawing to a close and we were setting our sights back towards Rhode Island.  It would be a two day stop in Block Island before heading home, and I was looking forward to this great RI vacation spot which I definitely haven't visited enough!

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