South County Surf & Seascapes

So there was this day in December just before Christmas when it was blowing about 40 knots and the clouds were trying to decide whether they wanted to snow or not.  And I went out shooting!  First it was to this little spot along Route 1A for some of the surf.  The surf was up to about 5+ with a nice offshore breeze but a lot of the usual places were pretty crowded, so a few friends of mine used their local knowledge to locate one of the more obscure locations for a nice private session.  It was pretty cold out but I nestled behind a rock to block some of the wind and using my 70-200mm with 2x teleconverter I got some great shots of the water, waves and surfers!

Then I decided to make two shoots out of this one afternoon outing.  I climbed in the car and drove 2 minutes down the road to a little park near Point Judith Lighthouse which faced more west.  I worked on my seascapes as the wind picked up, gusting to 60 knots at times and definitely freezing off my face.   I waited for the sun though, playing with composition and finding a vantage point that I liked while I had the extra time before the sun sank below the horizon.  

There is a jetty at this location, the eastern side of the channel from Galilee, and although it was way too windy (blowing my over at times) and the waves were too high to climb down the jetty, there was a sandy beach where I could play around a bit.  However, the wind was whipping the water over the sand dunes, and at one point cut off my exit!  But dry feet are a luxury, so on my way back I of course got a little wet for the sake of photography.

I do hope to return to this location again and further explore it's possibilities, preferably when it's not blowing 40 knots!

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