Spring Sailing with NKHSST

Late March... it's technically spring but days like these would probably fool you into thinking it was winter.  High School sailing is almost a month into its short season and my alma mater and local team from North Kingstown was out making the best of a particularly chilly March afternoon.  No warm sun but luckily no snow or freezing rain either.  This team was already undefeated in the few events it had sailed and the rest of the season was looking up!  Even though they lost several great seniors from last year, there was plenty of young talent to fill the void.

On the photography side of things, it was time for me to knock of the winter blues and get back into sailing photography.  I had come across a 24–135mm f3.5 Tamron lens I had completely forgotten about and decided to bring a second body and lens out on the water for a trial run.  I have to say it performed beautifully!  While I still had my trusty 70–200mm Nikon plus teleconverter for the tight shots, it was terrific to have the mid-range zoom for a variety of situations.  For portraits of everyone on committee boat with me, at the starting line, and during gate-roundings close by it performed wonderfully, and was a great alternative to my wide angle 16–35mm Nikon.  

I had purchased this Tamron as a mid-range fill-in until I could afford the higher quality Nikon equivalent, but for the time being it will certainly fill the Nikon's shoes nicely!  Clarity was great, bokeh was decent, it was a little laggy on the Autofocus and the overall color needed a little adjustment to match what came out of my telephoto, but all in all it was great to have aboard.  Expect more use out of this lens for regattas to come!

Photos at www.catebrownphoto.com

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