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Board Portraits // Experiments

I've been wanting to shoot more portraits lately, but in combination with the surf community that I've been so involved with the past year.  My good friend, Kevin Tanner, behind Soudnings Surf Co creates some gorgeous handcrafted boards.  He does all his own shaping, resin work, and glassing, and I wanted to photograph some beautiful boards to highlight his craftsmanship as well as portraits of my friends who ride them.  I decided to do board portraits. 

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Rhode Island for Tax Free Art

Rhode Island is host to a wealth of arts and culture.  In 2012, Travel + Leisure's America's Favorite Cities Survey named Providence #15 overall in the country for Culture.  ArtPlace ranked Providence among 33 top art cities across the nation as part of their "America's Top ArtPlaces 2013".  With one of the best art schools, Rhode Island School of Design, and big cultural events such as WaterFire,...

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