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Revisiting Baja

This time last year I had just returned from a trip to Baja, Mexico.  It was 10 days spent in sun and surf while winter hammered on at home.  What I would've given to be there again this winter!  As I reminisced I went back through my archives of photos and pulled out a few more shots from the trip worth an edit.  These shots are all from the East Cape of Baja Sur, starting at Puente la Tinaja, a...

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Los Cerritos

Day 5–6:  Los CerritosWe first encountered Los Cerritos while driving up the West Cape from Cabo San Lucas. It's a slightly developed location with a few bungalows to rent and a boutique hotel on the hill, but it's not as populated by locals. Los Cerritos is more of a small tourist destination given that its crescent shaped beach is protected by the rocky point. Typically, swimming on the Pacific...

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