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Extras from Jackson

Ok, I think these photos need no introduction!  I will periodically go back through old folders to see what new gems I can dig up.  September's trip to Jackson is a treasure trove of outdoor adventure shots, and I just can't help but share more with you!  Here's a bunch from Treetop Adventure, yoga at the resort, Corbett's Couloir, Blacktail Butte, camping, and the Snake River.  Anyone even...

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April & Arthur

I made the decision early on to not be a portrait / wedding photographer. It wasn't what I felt strongly about, it wasn't something that stirred me inspirationally, but over the years I will still take on portrait assignments to keep myself fresh. Shooting a variety of subject matter helps keep you on your toes, keeps your creativity flowing, and even if it's not your forte it helps strengthen how...

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Barefoot at the Beach

It's still summer, right? Well technically I guess it isn't as of today, but we can still pretend. I've had two sets of friends, two portrait sessions, at two different beaches, and loving it! Getting sand between all of our toes and taking some pictures before the sun goes down. It's been a while since I've done much portraiture, but it's nice to knock off any rust and have some fun! Here's just...

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