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African Sense of Sachuest

I've been counting down the days until a trip to warmer climates. That's right, I'm getting out of this polar vortex and heading to the Tropic of Cancer! Destination: Baja California. An almost two week jaunt around the tip of the Baja Sur peninsula will surely erase the winter blues long enough for me to return in time for spring. But until my counting days reach zero, I'm stuck in this New...

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Sachuest Point at Sunset

Well here it is, my second attempt at a seascape at Sachuest Point.  And this time I went for a sunset instead of sunrise, so I was able to navigate the terrain in bright sunlight in order to find my preferred photo spot!  Of course it was high tide, which posed a problem, and it was an incoming tide with high surf from a low pressure system swirling somewhere offshore.  I walked all the way to...

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