Wed Night Racing - Breezy this time

Finally made it back out on the water again!  After a two week absence due to my busy busy shooting schedule, I finally made it back out for Wednesday Night Racing.  And this time, there was some breeze!  Compared to the very light conditions the past two times I made it to racing, this night had a decent sea breeze, probably about 12 knots at times.  Everyone was bracing for stronger breeze and hectic racing, perhaps sails or rigs blowing up like past years, but instead the breeze died off slowly and made for a quiet afternoon sail with an enjoyable amount of wind.  The fleets got quite separated though, as the spinnaker classes sailed all the way up to the Plum Beach Lighthouse (the starting line is usually off Quonset Point in the middle of West Bay), with the remaining cruising and non-spinnaker classes sailing to set marks and keeping closer to Quonset.  So just about all the pictures from this evening are from Papa's fellow competitors in the cruising class!

For all shots from the evening, check out the Wed Night Racing 2012 Viewing Gallery on my website.  Or if you wish to peruse through all of the images posted here without having to read anything, there's always the Recent Work section too!

Wednesday Night competitors, be sure to ask how you can receive a 10% discount on purchases!

How I got these shots:  Nikon D700, Nikkor 70-200mm VRII

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