Wickford Doors in Summer

There are many popular motifs throughout art and photography, one of them being architecture; and given my local landscape I decided last year to explore the doors of Historic Wickford Village.  Perhaps I had been taking these building for granted all these long years I've lived in Wickford, but taking the time to stroll down the quiet streets and photographing the compelling nature of the front doors brought my attention back to the seemingly mundane.  

I have visited the doors during a quiet winter snowfall and a breezy windswept autumn day.  But most recently I made the trip during a hot and steamy summer afternoon, and of course, sometime in the future, I will make the walk during the blossoming days of spring.  

This summer walk was particularly warm and sunny, and as I attempted to remain in the shady side streets I was captivated by the lush greenery that accompanied the doors and stoops of the historic homes.  While I always visited Main Street previously, I made it a point to visit more of the side streets this time and it provided me with more botanical life than paved Main Street ever could have!

Enjoy these shots from Wickford Doors in Summer and stay tuned for more!  The entire collection can be seen on my website under Wickford Scenics

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