Aerials of Brenton Point

Two sunrise shoots in just a few weeks, I'm on a roll!  On a sunny warm morning, I still slept through my first alarm, but as the sky began to lighten I got myself out of bed, grabbed my drone and headed out the door to explore the rocky coast in Newport.

Different tides can expose different rock formations, and this particular morning with low tide and a bit of wave action, I launched off Ocean Drive to explore Brenton Point.  As I pushed the limits of my signal distance, 1km offshore from the road, I approached an outcropping of rocks where I could see water splashing in the distance.  I was getting more and more excited by the photographic possibilities and just praying my signal wouldn't drop out and force my drone home!

I played at 200ft altitude, but quickly dropped to only 20ft off the water where the swirling waters around the rocks was the most visually interesting.  This water was so incredibly clear, and also incredibly dark with the deepest shades of turquoise I had seen in the longest time.

I was done with two batteries by 8:30am, but the sun was already much higher in the sky than when I started.  I should've gotten out of bed with that first alarm.  Oh well.  I stopped by Ft Wetherill on the way home through Jamestown, but with less wave action inside the bay, I didn't stay long.  I was thrilled with the shots I had already captured at Brenton Point, and was eager to get back to the computer to take a look at the final results.

Still on the to-do list would be a high altitude shots of Ocean Drive winding along the coastline, and the views of Cliff Walk.  Until next flight!

Prints available in the Aerial Gallery

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