Providence Community Boating

This summer I've had the opportunity to visit the Providence Community Boating Center in an effort to provide Providence families with great on-the-water photos of their young sailors.

The Providence CBC program follows a much different model than the junior programs I'm used to, with a total of 4 two week all day programs for kids to attend versus the four-week or eight week models of other junior sailing programs.  But this program has no lack of enthusiasm from it's young sailing students!  Some stay for more than two weeks, some return every summer, while others get their first taste of being out on the water.  They have a wide array of boats for the kids to use including Hunter 140s, Laser Picos, Hobie 16s, JY 15s, and even more!  I've visited a couple of times now and will be returning for another two visits before the summer is over.  You can learn more about the Providence CBC here.

See all the photos here in the Prov CBC Viewing Gallery

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