Sail Newport Youth Challenge: Optis

Day 2 of the Sail Newport Youth Challenge started a bit earlier, which posed a bit of a wind problem.  With a ripping current flushing out to sea and a gentle westerly to start the day, no sooner was everyone off to the races that the wind decided to absolutely die and switch around to a southerly seabreeze.  It was nice once it kicked into gear, at a good 10 knots, but for several strenuous minutes the poor Optis were struggling to get to their windward mark.  

Port tackers were facing directly into the current and making zero progres.  Meanwhile, every Opti approaching on starboard tack, perfectly perpendicular to the currently, was side slipping in a way I had never experienced, making it impossible for the second half of the fleet to round the windward mark!  

Luckily, a few little Optis started letting out their sails, realizing the breeze was starting to fill in from behind them, and voila everyone started to slowly make their way around the mark!  With about 5 Optis or so left to round windward, the seabreeze was slowly filling in, making the rest of the race a breeze!  The day maintained a good 10 knots or so of wind for the remaining races and the Optis finally had something to counteract that current!

Here are some of my favorites from the Opti sailing!  Be sure to check out all the regatta photos on my website,

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Last but not least, favorite Laser pics on the way!

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