Sailing Practice with NK

NK Sailing has been getting a lot of attention lately!  The high school sailing team qualified for Nationals this year for the first time in team history!  In my day the team had come close but this time these sailors actually got the chance to fly across the country for the ISSA High School Double Handed Championship in Chicago!  After several days of racing in seriously heavy air, they ended up finishing 16 out of 20 but they had some great top 5 finishes in there.

But before all the hype I visited the team for a practice day in early May.  It was sunny and warm out and just about everyone was in attendance for a terrific practice.  Even Lyle, team alum and former sailing instructor for the majority of these students, hopped in a 420 for some practice races!

More can be found in the Viewing Gallery, where images can be purchased by sailors and family.  Enjoy!

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