Sunset Aerials

We're welcoming the new year with a new blog post full of aerials!  I know it's the middle of winter... and even though these are winter captures, hopefully you can be transported for just a second and imagine a warm and cozy summer sunset at the beach.

Most of the winter thus far has been plagued with polar vortices, temperatures dipping into the single digits, strong winds, and frozen water.  But there was a break in the chaos just before Christmas when the sky air was calm, and the temperature a more appropriate 34°.  I took a venture down to South Kingstown Town Beach in Matunuck to walk along the sand and enjoy a sunset.

I brought the drone along for a few captures both directly overhead and also landscapes of the scene.  The ocean had been flat for about a week, so whatever waves you see pictured are only ankle high!  I was able to drone down to 15ft above the water without fear of tumbling into the ocean below, either from large swell or tumultuous winds.

What a beautiful evening to capture a winter sunset at the beach!  I think the last one here is my favorite from the day.href="">Aerial Gallery

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