SYC Saturday Racing

A little while ago I had the opportunity to join the Saunderstown Yacht Club for their weekly Saturday Racing, hosting one design races all summer long!  Junior sailors from the SYC sailing program join in Opti and 420 classes, while everyone else participates in Sunfish, Bullseye, Catboats and Rhodes 19.  There are no age restraints and it looked like a total blast!  

Everyone had three races and the breeze was on.  It was sunny but not blisteringly hot, and rain was nowhere in sight.  It was probably the first perfect summer day we'd had all season!  I was shooting from the committee float (yes, float not boat) and was more than happy with the shots that came out!

I'll be joining this upcoming Saturday as well, but probably to get in on the fun instead of photograph :)

Full gallery on my website here!

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