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Lighthouses of RI // Lessons in Composition

I recently had the privilege of hosting my first photography tour through Local Captures, a platform built on connecting photographers and photography enthusiasts for tours and workshops throughout New England. Local Captures focuses on utilizing tour guides with local knowledge to help travelers (and locals) make the most of new locations, while gaining confidence and technique for their...

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Finding a New Angle: Castle Hill

Epiphany #1:  I have purchased all my filters to fit my 16-35mm lens.  They are 72mm filters and for the longest time I thought my 70-200mm lens was sized for 77mm.  But I was wrong.  Both of my lenses take a 72mm thread size which means I can easily switch between lenses and continue with my long exposure photography!Epiphany #2: So that just left the question of where to utilize my telephoto...

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Castle Hill at Dusk

I work in Newport on weekends, something else for me to do and keep my own photography going! And after work one day, I decided not to jump back on the bridge and head over to the mainland, but to hang around Newport for a change and watch the sun set. So I took the scenic route along Ocean Drive and went to Castle Hill Light. I was lucky it wasn't the warmest of days and there weren't any major...

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