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Sandy Aftermath: High Surf at Monahan's

I tried to go out during Hurricane Sandy to shoot, but one thing after another and no power meant I had to stay at home. I did, however, make it out the day after Sandy had left to see some of the destruction. The Jamestown Bridge was still closed so I couldn't get over to the islands, but I did make it down to Narragansett. Navigating around closed roads and downed trees I managed to get to...

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Two Days at Brenton Point

There are a couple of items necessary to capture long exposures, first is dim lighting conditions. We can't control the sun but we can control when we go shooting, so for dimmer light I go on overcast and cloudy days and during dusk hours around sunrise and sunset. Along with a carefully picked time of day, I also go into the field with a couple of filters known as Neutral Density Filters, which...

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